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Animal Success Stories
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Happy Gotcha Day Lili! 
Lili was an owner surrender senior who came to us at the end of September. She was a bit grumpy as she needed a dental and many extractions, plus had a pretty bad uti according to our vet, but we got her all fixed up and in a few weeks she was a happy, healthy girl! 
There was lots of interest in this little sassy girl but we think we found the perfect home for our diva.) (It was definitely not easy)
Lili will be the one and only in her new home and she and her new mom are already snuggle buddies and best buds. 
Happy life Lili and mom! 
Thank you for adopting and not shopping. 
Thank you Megan and Carole for your help. 


Happy Gotcha Day Tia! 
Tia found her happily ever after this week and we couldn’t be happier! 
Tia joined us in September after she found herself at the county shelter. 
Her owner had been on a little hiatus but did not pick her up when released. Probably a good thing for Tia as she desperately needed a dental and some tlc; she had bad teeth, skin and was underweight. 
We immediately got little Tia the vet care she needed and after having several teeth removed she was able to eat better and gain a little weight. She learned to walk on a leash and enjoyed the comforts of her foster home. 
Her journey became complete this week and she has already settling in with her new family. They love her already! 
Thank you Megan, Mary and Carole for helping this little lady on her journey.
Happy life Tia! Thank you new family for adopting a senior!!! 


Congrats to Cheerios who has found his forever family!!! 
Cheerios found himself at the county shelter in August with a mangled leg, and quite banged up. They weren't sure if an animal had attacked him or if he had been hit by a car. The leg could not be saved so it was amputated soon after. 
We saw Cheerios and knew we wanted to help him. We posted on our page and soon found a foster home for the young tripod. 
Cheerios had never been taught any manners or how to "dog" but with a committed foster mom and some advice and a session from our trainer, he quickly started picking up what was expected of him. 
We knew it wouldn't take long to find a family for our sweet, handsome boy. Just look at that face!
Last week we received an email from a very sweet family who was interested in Cheerios, but they made it clear they wanted what was best for Cheerios, even if they weren't the perfect match. I suggested filling out the app and we would set up a meet to see if it was a fit.  She works from home and has an active dog so I felt confident. 🙏🏻
Cheerios didn't miss a beat when he met his new family! It was as if he knew exactly where he was! He mastered the stairs right away and he and the resident Poodle, Charlie Brown, were fast friends! 
His mom has already sent us updates and pics and thanked us for letting her adopt our precious pup. Of course, we are the ones thankful for finding the best home we could for Cheerios. 
Thank you, Susie for fostering and special thanks to our trainer, Jeff for driving down and helping to make Cheerios the best version of himself. 
We love you handsome boy! Have a wonderful life! Thank you, Paige and family, for adopting and not shopping!!


Congratulations to Maddox, who found his forever home today! 
Maddox joined Plp a few months ago when a friend of our director asked her if plp could help this pup. He had been given away free as a pup, had zero vetting and the new “owner” didn’t  believe in vaccinating him either . On top of that, he was not allowed to have pets and the landlord said Maddox had to go. They thought they could drop him at a shelter but all of our local shelters are full so we offered to help. We found a great foster home and Maddox received all of his vetting . 
His new Mom Pattie was looking for a new dog and happened to be friends with someone who follows our page. She lives in Tampa but had plans to visit. She applied last week and was approved , flew in this week and met him today! They love each other already!  Pattie will be renting a car to take our sweet boy back to florida to his new home. We are so happy! 
Thank you Joanna for fostering and Meg for all your help! 
Happy life Pattie and Maddox! Please send us updates! 

Mikey (Michael Kors)

Congrats to Mikey who has finally found his forever family!
Mikey came to Plp back in mid May with his three siblings. A Good Samaritan in a rural area had contacted me asking for help and was desperate to find them a safe haven. Their mom was a neighbors dog who had been abandoned and people took turns feeding her. ( mom was spayed and adopted soon after we took in these pups!) 
All of Mikey’s siblings were adopted in July and august and he waited patiently. 
He finally found the happily ever after he so deserved this week and we are over the moon! 
Thank you Michelle for fostering and thank you new family for choosing our sweet boy! 
Happy life Mikey!  

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